Our Vision

OD1N- Inspiring a better you

OD1N Health monitoring Systems is an innovative startup aimed to address the current lack of at-home healthcare. By joining OD1N, you are joining the future of healthcare. Now more than ever, there is a need for a quick and simple way of tracking your health to ensure you live your life with the utmost quality. Nothing impacts you more in your daily life than a healthy mind and body, so why shouldn’t you take the necessary and easy steps to ensure you live your best life? Our goal at OD1N, is to allow anyone who strives to lead a healthy lifestyle to achieve their goals without burdening their lives. With no incomprehensible medical jargon, no long visits to the doctor, or lengthy clinic incubation times; our industry standard urinalysis technology is just a quick addition implemented in your day-to-day routine. This quick turnaround of results, in the comfort of your own home, allows you to gauge and understand your daily, monthly, and yearly health trends accompanied with personalized nutritional recommendations.  Our device can not only be implemented in any home, but also has applications in third party organizations such as in gyms for their clients, or even in hospital/clinics where daily urinalysis tests can be automated. Together we can revolutionize the way we view our well being, and create a healthier future for everyone. Join OD1N, and inspire a better you.